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January 20, 2007

The Schizophrenia Blog

Welcome to The Schizophrenia Blog, a group blog open to everyone who wants to post. Post personal stories, links to interesting schizophrenia websites and blogs, news stories, commentary, or just your thoughts for the day. Post as often as you like. No registration required! Visit the submit page to submit content.

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My son is in a residential treatment facility and has been for the past 9 months. He has had very limited progress in dealing with his illness. He tried to murder his family and the social services, mental health and courts treat his family like we are the problem. He is still a threat to himself and others, including continuing to make threats to the family. Financially, it has devastated the family not to mention never being able to get over the emotional damage. Please pass on the website I have linked. If you know anyone who can help or have any advice please do let us know.

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